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John and Yoko Cosmopolitan Japanese

14 Jun


For our beloved shih tzu’s birthday lunch, we brought him to UP Town Center. We purposely wanted to dine at John and Yoko for their wagyu, missing the one we recently had in Japan. Hence, upon getting our dog settled and sitting down ourselves, we immediately asked about the wagyu dishes on their menu. Continue reading


Natsu Maki

10 Jun

Literally meaning summer roll, I discovered the natsu maki the other day by chance. It came in Teriyaki Boy’s Summer Set, together with a chicken teriyaki rice bowl, a katsudon rice bowl and two glasses of iced tea.

Teriyaki Boy Chicken Rice Bowl

TERIYAKI BOY CHICKEN RICE BOWL. Ah, my favorite. I can not remember an instance wherein I went to Teriyaki Boy and did not order this ever since the day I first did. Even though smaller than their usual donburi, I liked its sweet and savory teriyaki sauce as much as I always have.

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