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The Iscreamist

26 May

Known for their awesome mix of food and chemistry, Iscreamist offers a temporary yet sweet escape from this summer’s intense and neverending heat. By incorporating liquid nitrogen into their desserts, they can turn dining into a magical experience before you can even blink.


PERIODIC TABLE MENU. Their desserts are classified into four categories: Coffee Base, Cream Base, Adult Cream Base and the most talked about Dragon’s Breath. However, usually not all of them are available.

Of my two visits to Iscreamist, I have only tried two flavors from two categories. First up: Dragon’s Breath. Summing up what I think about this dish, I say you’re in it mostly for the experience. The S’mores and Tiramisu taste yummy as is.


DRAGON’S BREATH – S’MORES. I love how the marshmallows are melted perfectly, not mushy nor too toasted. Its softness is just right for the crunchiness of the wafer and the graham.


DRAGON’S BREATH – TIRAMISU. This is tiramisu without the usual taste of wine and it is surprisingly good even without it. It’s like chocolate or mocha sandwiched between two ladyfingers.

Once dipped in liquid nitrogen, however, you can barely taste them anymore but it sure is fun to breathe smoke out of your mouth! You may even try doing it real dragon-style, through your nostrils, while taking instagram-worthy pictures of yourself. Make sure not to dip them too long, though! Or your tongue and lips might get burned. Don’t worry, their staff usually say how long you should dip them.

Iscreamist,  according to the owner in a newspaper interview, means maker of ice cream. Indeed, their Cream Base is ice cream made right before your eyes.


ICE CREAM IN THE MAKING. Their homemade yogurt plus some liquid nitrogen equals instant ice cream. Voila! And that’s one of the things I like most about this restaurant. They make everything from scratch and they do it right in front of you.


CREAM BASE – BLUEBERRY CHEESECAKE. Complete with real blueberries and bits of cheese, this is definitely a must-try for cheesecake lovers like me!


CREAM BASE – PISTACHIO. The ice cream itself is very rich in taste. Topping it with real pistachio nuts, made it even more delicious. With that, this is by far one of the best pistachio ice creams I’ve ever tasted.

And that’s all for now. I hope you do add Iscreamist to your last minute summer bucket list. It’s a fun way of bonding with your friends before another school year starts. I, too, might go back for their Bacon Popcorn Dragon’s Breath which seems to be always out of stock. Iscreamist, by the way, is just in Maginhawa, near the small Moonleaf along Magiting Street.

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Til my next foodgasmik adventure!