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John and Yoko Cosmopolitan Japanese

14 Jun


For our beloved shih tzu’s birthday lunch, we brought him to UP Town Center. We purposely wanted to dine at John and Yoko for their wagyu, missing the one we recently had in Japan. Hence, upon getting our dog settled and sitting down ourselves, we immediately asked about the wagyu dishes on their menu. Continue reading


Natsu Maki

10 Jun

Literally meaning summer roll, I discovered the natsu maki the other day by chance. It came in Teriyaki Boy’s Summer Set, together with a chicken teriyaki rice bowl, a katsudon rice bowl and two glasses of iced tea.

Teriyaki Boy Chicken Rice Bowl

TERIYAKI BOY CHICKEN RICE BOWL. Ah, my favorite. I can not remember an instance wherein I went to Teriyaki Boy and did not order this ever since the day I first did. Even though smaller than their usual donburi, I liked its sweet and savory teriyaki sauce as much as I always have.

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Zark’s Burgers

11 Aug

It was barely half past 9 in the morning when we got to Zark’s. We peeked through their glass doors and saw that the staff were still busy preparing. We hesitated to enter and ask if we can stay inside. After all, they do not open until 10AM. But having nothing else to do and nowhere else to go that time, we asked them anyway. They gladly let us in, saying they can not serve us just yet and assured us that they will do so once they are ready. True enough, they immediately handed us their menu when the clock struck 10.


Here’s a glimpse of their jam-packed menu.

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D’Amburger Gastropub

5 May

I first tried D’Amburger in Calle Bistro, UP JPIA’s annual overnight food bazaar, held in Eastwood City Walk 2 last November 2011. I loved their burger so much that it was the first concessionaire I looked for in Eton Centris during last year’s Calle Bistro. I was so happy they were there and I could not be happier to find out that they finally opened a permanent restaurant at the Greenhills Towncenter in Quezon City. I immediately visited their restaurant and tried these delicious dishes:

 “Layers of parmesan disc, mixed greens, smoked salmon, tomato salsa and balsamic reduction and dill cream foam.”

“Layers of parmesan disc, mixed greens, smoked salmon, tomato salsa and balsamic reduction and dill cream foam.”

SMOKED SALMON STACK. This is definitely a must-try for the not-so-much-a-fan-of-salads type of people. You may not like veggies but once you give this dish a try, the smoked salmon will convince you to take another bite and maybe finish the whole plate.

“Half pound, stuffed cheese patty with bacon, lettuce, tomato with special bacon dressing.”

“Half pound, stuffed cheese patty with bacon, lettuce, tomato with special bacon dressing.”

JUICY LUCY B(acon)M(ushroom)M(elt). What’s yummier than a burger with melted cheese? A burger with melted cheese not only over the patty, but inside the patty as well! This is a burger bacon and melted cheese lovers will surely find heavenly.

“Deep-friend wings toasted with butter, Franks hot sauce.”

“Deep-friend wings toasted with butter, Franks hot sauce.”

TRUFFLE BUFFALO WINGS. This is something I always wanted to order but I never did because I thought it’s too messy to eat in a food bazaar; so I really looked forward to finally ordering it in their restaurant. I somehow got disappointed, though, that I could not taste the truffle it was supposed to be brushed or glazed with. However, if you’re into a crispy and not so spicy buffalo wings, then this dish is for you!

And that’s all for now. I hope you found my first ever food blog entry interesting and informative at the same time. I also do hope that you get to try these and their other dishes which I am sure are scrumptious as well. Just in case you don’t know where Greenhills Towncenter is, check out this map I got from D’Amburger Gastropub’s Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=433150890085108&set=a.133016963431837.27777.131859896880877&type=1&theater):

D'Amburger Location Map

Stay tuned for more hangout, date or simply food trip place choices and ideas which I will be featuring in my next posts. ‘Til my next foodgasmik adventure!