John and Yoko Cosmopolitan Japanese

14 Jun


For our beloved shih tzu’s birthday lunch, we brought him to UP Town Center. We purposely wanted to dine at John and Yoko for their wagyu, missing the one we recently had in Japan. Hence, upon getting our dog settled and sitting down ourselves, we immediately asked about the wagyu dishes on their menu.

To the disappointment of our craving taste buds, we were told the beef itself was not available and so were several other items we decided to try instead. We stayed anyway, although disheartened, and ended up ordering a lot more than we thought we could finish.

Spicy Tuna Salad

SPICY TUNA SALAD. What I immediately noticed about this dish is its generosity in the number of tuna cubes. Together with the crisp lettuce, crunchy flour flakes and creamy dressing, the spicy tuna bits made one luscious salad with a fitting kick of hotness.

Garlic Teppan Rice

GARLIC TEPPAN RICE. This reminds me of rice cooked in a pan smothered with fat from bacon previously cooked in it. With its hint of meaty flavor probably coming from beef, paired with its garlic and leek bits, I found myself devouring one savory spoonful after another.

It is truly tummy-warming how this restaurant delivers food that creates a flavor-packed explosion in every mouthful. However, considering their price range, I wish they had consistently big servings instead of having a few dishes with tasty yet seemingly hobbit-like portions such as their Osuyaki Beef and Dynamite Rolls. Despite this, thanks to their accommodating staff who let us in, prepared an isolated table and set up an air cooler for us and our birthday dog, we had a pleasant experience after all.

Dynamite Roll

DYNAMITE ROLL. This spicy sushi, filled and topped with salmon and sprinkled with chili powder, is kept in a delicate balance of flavors by its mayo.

Osuyaki Beef Roll

OSUYAKI BEEF ROLL. These bite-sized portions of beef-wrapped shiitake and enoki mushrooms come with a ponzu sauce which remarkably elevates the umami flavor of the whole dish. Perhaps, the only letdown for me was the number of pieces. I wish there were at least eight instead of just six.

And that’s all for now. If ever you guys suddenly crave for Japanese food, I suggest you try John and Yoko. Their menu has a wide selection of choices, from shabu-shabu to ramen, sushi, sahimi, teppanyaki and whole lot more. Just prepare to get your heart slightly broken in case your craving is not available on the day of your visit, or better yet have back-ups ready (*wink wink*) unlike us who did not have any.

Stay tuned as I give in to more cravings and help you choose what may satisfy yours by following me on WordPress and/or Zomato via Facebook, Google or email.

‘Til my next foodgasmik adventure!

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