Natsu Maki

10 Jun

Literally meaning summer roll, I discovered the natsu maki the other day by chance. It came in Teriyaki Boy’s Summer Set, together with a chicken teriyaki rice bowl, a katsudon rice bowl and two glasses of iced tea.

Teriyaki Boy Chicken Rice Bowl

TERIYAKI BOY CHICKEN RICE BOWL. Ah, my favorite. I can not remember an instance wherein I went to Teriyaki Boy and did not order this ever since the day I first did. Even though smaller than their usual donburi, I liked its sweet and savory teriyaki sauce as much as I always have.

Katsudon Rice Bowl

KATSUDON RICE BOWL. This is similarly a smaller version of their regular rice bowl but hey, what have I to complain about? This came in a set of three dishes and two drinks worth only 379 pesos, and I left the restaurant with a satisfied stomach and palate anyway.

Natsu Maki

NATSU MAKI. This watermelon and shredded kani wrapped in sushi rice and nori, topped with watermelon, Japanese mayo, fish roe and black sesame is one interesting dish indeed. The fresh sensation this maki leaves in one’s mouth just screams summer.

Of all the sushi I ate, be it authentic, modernized or tweaked in some other way, this was my first shot at a maki with watermelon in it. It was rolled in sushi rice together with shredded kani, another novelty for me. I never thought that a fruit as summery and juicy as a watermelon would go well with the flavor of crab meat like mangoes and avocados usually do, but it surprisingly turned out to be a refreshingly nice combination.

And that’s all for now. This is somewhat a comeback food blog post for me, my first since the last one I published three years ago. I now aim to keep my write-ups more simple and spontaneous so that I can be more consistent in posting even when things get busy.

Stay tuned as I reawaken my love for writing about food and follow me on WordPress and/or Zomato via Facebook, Google or email. ‘Til my next foodgasmik adventure!

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