Zark’s Burgers

11 Aug

It was barely half past 9 in the morning when we got to Zark’s. We peeked through their glass doors and saw that the staff were still busy preparing. We hesitated to enter and ask if we can stay inside. After all, they do not open until 10AM. But having nothing else to do and nowhere else to go that time, we asked them anyway. They gladly let us in, saying they can not serve us just yet and assured us that they will do so once they are ready. True enough, they immediately handed us their menu when the clock struck 10.


Here’s a glimpse of their jam-packed menu.

I skimmed through it and boy, I have never seen this much variety when it comes to burgers. The mere descriptions were so mouth-watering, I felt like I wanted to try everything. And indeed, when finally we got the two burgers we ordered, our mouths watered even more!


JAWBREAKER. “Triple cheeseburger with Spam, bacon and overflowing cheese sauce on top!” Indeed a jawbreaker, I can not find a better way to describe this burger. It was so tall, I had to remove one of the patties and one or two slices of Spam for me to be able to eat it properly.


BACON-WRAPPED DEEP FRIED BURGER (Special). We were so thankful we read what was written on their whiteboard that day. This scrumptious dish is not on their menu but I hope they do include this in it. I must say, this is by far the best bacon burger I have ever tried! The saltiness and crunchiness of the bacon were just right. They blended with the other ingredients perfectly.

We took our time, savoring every bite of these gigantic burgers. By around 10:30 to 10:45, the place was almost full and we noticed that their service started to take longer. It was quite crowded, actually. Tables were too close to one another and people are already sitting right next to people they don’t know. It was also around this time that we felt like we were about to have a heart attack. The food was undeniably delicious but they are, at the same time, undoubtedly artery-clogging. We also felt umay-ed when we were halfway through with the burgers, probably since they were starting to get cold and greasy.


Not long after opening, these empty seats were instantly filled.

Still, the whole experience was amazing. Zark’s deliciously heavenly burgers are seriously worth the price. In fact, we honestly think we got more than what we paid for. The Bacon-wrapped Deep Fried Burger, together with fries and regular iced tea, costs P240. Coming with fries and bottomless iced tea, on the other hand, The Jawbreaker costs only P250. You can even choose to take the 5-minute challenge. Finish the Jawbreaker within the said time limit and it’s for free!

And that’s all for now. I hope you guys get to visit Zark’s soon and try their awesome burgers! So far, I only know of two branches. There is one in Taft but the one featured in this post is the recently-opened Katipunan branch. It is on the second floor of the building where Flaming Wings and Gravy Fix are.

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Til my next foodgasmik adventure!


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